Sega's System 32 was a set of hardware that powered such arcade hits as; Air Rescue, Alien 3: The Gun, Arabian Fight, Burning Rival, Dark Edge, Dragon Ball Z V.R.V.S, F1 Exhaust Note, F1 Super Lap, Golden Axe II, Hard Dunk, Holosseum, Jurassic Park, Looney Tunes, Out Runners, Racing Hero, Rad Mobile / Gal Racer, Rad Rally, Sonic The Hedgehog, Spider Man, Stadium Cross, Super Visual Football, and Title Fight.

The system first appeared in arcades in 1990 in both single and multi-game screen formats. The single screen's hardware contained 4 different processors. The first (the main processor) was a NEC V60 (16Mhz 32 bits RISC CPU). The other three processors were for sound, they were a Z80, and two YM3438's (A custom chip Sega had produced for many of its arcade configurations). The only real difference between the multi-version and the single was that the multi had one less YM3438, and a faster V60 - one that clocked at 20 MHz.

Interesting, but quite useless trivia: Segas first 3D fighter was NOT Virtua Fighter as many would have you know. It was actually a game called Dark Edge (It utilized the System 32 hardware, not the Model 1 hardware that Virtua Fighter later used).

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