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T.A. Barron is an Oxford-educated fantasy author who makes his home in Colorado. His oldest and most notable work is called Heartlight, a science fiction novel with quite a bit of sentimentality and what might even pass as spirituality mixed in. Other books in this series include The Ancient One and The Merlin Effect.

Currenly Mr. Barron has taken it upon himself to write a new series of which he has currently just released the fifth book, The Wings of Merlin. There are many tales about Merlin, at least in his later years, but there is little mythology surrounding what exactly took place in the greatest wizard of all time's childhood. So this new series is about what exactly happened during The Lost Years of Merlin, which just so happens to be the title of the first book in the series. The other three books in the series are in chronological order are The Seven Songs of Merlin, The Fires of Merlin, and The Mirror of Merlin.

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