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TV's Frank, portrayed by Frank Conniff, is the sidekick of the evil mad scientist Dr. Clayton Forrester on TV's Mystery Science Theater 3000. He lived in Deep 13 during Seasons 2-6 of the series and, according to the show's backstory, he was working at a nearby Arby's when Dr. Forrester hired him to be his assistant. The reason for the hiring was that the mad doctor's former colleague, Dr. Laurence Erhardt, had gone missing and needed to be replaced. TV's Frank stepped into the role with gusto and a spit curl. He's even wearing Dr. Erhardt's clothes: the black outfit with the buttons. His presence in Deep 13 spawned the catchphrase "Push the button, Frank" that ended every episode.

Frank was always a little bit slow on the uptake and was killed/injured by Dr. Forrester many many times. Instances of this come from inventions such as the Vend-A-Gut which was a vending machine that contained Frank's liver. Frank hated Joel Robinson for some reason, but he seemed to have some sympathy towards his replacement, Mike Nelson. In fact, he accidentally aided Mike in helping Joel escape from the Satellite of Love in episode #512, Mitchell. He also enjoys the host segment sketches that are performed during movie breaks and has a great friendship with Dr. Forrester's mother, Pearl Forrester.

In episode #624, Sampson vs. the Vampire Women, TV's Frank received a mysterious message in his fortune cookie that promised a change was coming for him. Before long he was visited by Torgo the White who took him to Second Banana Heaven, a place where sidekicks could live without fear of reprisal from their bosses. Although dead he did return in episode #1001, Soultaker. He explained that he'd been kicked out of heaven for pulling too many pranks ("Pat Buttram had it in for me from the start!") and had been forced to take a job as a soultaker, stealing souls and such. Professor Bobo volunteered his soul to be taken in order to help Frank meet his quota. The two then proceeded to play ring toss with Bobo's soul, proving once and for all that the two could have been great friends in another time and place.

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