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The government-funded television channel in Ontario, Canada. Similar in content to the American Public Broadcasting System, TVO introduced the children of the 80's in Ontario to tv.

The Polka-Dot Door, Sesame Street, Today's Special, The Elephant Show, Dr. Snuggles and Dr. Who are favourites from the 80's TVO era, along with some wack offerings from the National Film Board of Canada or NFB, which have left a generation of former children scarred for life.
TVOntario is the channel you watch as a kid when you're desperate for a cartoon but nowhere else is showing them. (see also: Watching CBC on a Sunday Evening because they're the only ones showing cartoons even if it's The Raccoons)

Granted they did produce some memorable shows, but the majority of the stuff was utter crap. I particularly can't remember the name of the spelling show with the weird grandmother puppet - it may have been Readalong.

TVO's offices were located very close to my house, at Yonge and Eglinton in Toronto, almost providing a thrill that our postal codes were almost the same.

Memorable TVOntario shows included:

  • The Green Forest
  • Polka Dot Door - yes, with Polkaroo!!!
  • Today's Special - with the talking mouse in a feather boa.
  • The Elephant Show - Sharon, Lois and Bram 0wnz j00!
  • Report Canada - "On Re! port! Canadaa! You find out who you are!!!" I believe the theme song was...
  • Harriet's Magic Hats - notable for its bad 80s synth music, and confusion because I think both the girl and her aunt were both called Harriet.
  • The Math Patrol - surrealism to the extreme, a man in a kangaroo suit (with a trenchcoat then on top of it) solves math problems for a booming disembodied voice.
  • They also showed international shows like Thomas the Tank Engine (and I mean the proper Ringo Starr version), Dr Snuggles, SuperGran, Belle and Sebastian... unfortunately they also had PBS style pledge drives interrupting your fun every once in a while.

    At night they'd sometimes show British TV Dramas where women got their breasts out, much to one's 14 year old hormonal delight. Sadly these couldn't compete with the hardcore nipplage offered by the CBC (although few knew this), CityTV and the two French channels, but then, satiating one's needs to TVOntario is about equivalent to looking at Gadget from Rescue Rangers porn, or being 35 years old and washing with baby shampoo.

    It seems most of the TV we'd watch in grade 3 was off TVOntario.

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