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A supercar from British manufacturer TVR, the Cerbera Speed 12 started off as a design exercise but quickly became TVR's opportunity to become a player in GT racing. Using the not-so-subtle formula of "light car + massive engine = insane performance", the Speed 12 is a remarkable vehicle indeed. A 7.7L V12 generating a whopping 800bhp propels the one-tonner from rest to 60mph in close to 3 seconds. The Speed 12 isn't in production anymore, but the car remains as a classic of British engineering.

2000 TVR Cerbera Speed 12


Cost: €249,211 (US$245,000)
Engine: 7.7L front-mounted DOHC V12
Power: 596.6kW (800bhp) @ 7250rpm
Torque: 881nm (649.8ft-lbs) @ 5750rpm
Drive: RWD
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Body: 2-door coupe
Size (LWH): 4300/1960/1100mm (169.3/77.2/43.3in)
Curb Weight: 1000kg (2205lbs)


Acceleration: 0-60mph in 3.2s, 0-100mph in 8s
1/4 Mile: Not available
Top Speed: 386.2kph (240mph)

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