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Becoming X was the debut album for the Sneaker Pimps.

Kelli Dayton - vocals
Liam Howe - keyboards
Chris Corner - guitar
Joe Wilson - bass
Dave Westlake - drums

And it goes a little something like this...

1. Low Place Like Home > 4:37
You walked all over, in your blunderstones...
2. Tesko Suicide > 3:44
Phone me and I'll hang up, Sick and tired of being bubble gum chewed up...
3. 6 Underground > 3:48
Take me down, 6 underground, the ground beneath your feet..
4. Becoming X > 4:14
You can keep breathing, I only fall when you are near me, Incomplete;
5. Spin Spin Sugar > 3:34
I'm everyone - I feel used, I'm everyone - I need you
6. Post-Modern Sleaze > 3:29
She looks ahead, she paints her toe nails red...
7. Waterbaby > 4:10
Your heart is served cold, Your sights are set in perfect stone...
8. Roll On > 4:27
Roll on, these doors are open, Roll Off, you can come next time...
9. Wasted Early Sunday Morning > 4:27
You're not the sun, it's just a light, Waking early Sunday morning
10. Walking Zero > 4:31
Sacrifice my vanity, kick off my heels...
11. How Do > 5:01
Hey ho- who is this, no one but me my dear...

All tracks written by Howe/Corner/Pickering except Track 11.

Cover art circuitry and components taken from 'DJ Killer' Kit. This device detects pauses in speech and 'kills' the sound of a DJ's voice between songs by muting signals. Please note that the circuit will only suppress pure speech and will not suppress the sound of a DJ talking over the music.

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