A fairly popular electronica band who's music dabbles in dance and trip hop. Their debut album Becoming X was fronted by the great vocals of Kelli Dayton. For their followup album, Splinter, however, they have dropped her as they had never intended for her to be their permanent vocalist anyway. Their songs tend to be trippy, with guitars thrown in for good measure, against the dripping yet melancholy voice of Dayton, and the coldness in most of the lyrics.


Sneaker Pimps (n):

1.A fence for stolen sneakers back in the late 80's and early 90's during the Nike craze. People would steal high dollar sneakers and sell them to a sneaker pimp who would then turn and make a profit off of them by selling them for less than the stores.

2.Although less believable, another definition was a group of people hired by the Beastie Boys to find vintage sneakers.

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