There are several ski resorts worth mentioning in the Tahoe area:

  • Squaw Valley - undoubtedly one of the biggest and scariest resorts in the area. Host of the 1960 Winter Olympics, there is some awesome skiing here. On average, about 4 people per year die at Squaw.
  • Alpine Medows - Second only to Squaw, and right next door. Great steeps, neat terrain park. About 2 people per year die at Alpine. Alpine is where all the local telemark skiiers go when they're not skiing at Squaw.
  • Heavenly Valley - Heaps of terrain, great views of Lake Tahoe. Not as extreme as Squaw or Alpine. About 1 person per year dies at Heavenly.
  • Kirkwood - A bit south of the actual lake, Kirkwood is like Squaw or Alpine, just harder to get to. On average, 3 people per year die at Kirkwood.
  • Northstar-at-Tahoe - A family resort just outside of Truckee. No-one ever dies here unless it's from a cardiac arrest.
  • Mt Rose - The closest resort to Reno, offers decent skiing and awesome views of the lake. No idea how many people die.
  • Homewood - The cheapest place to ski around the lake shore. Quite small, but with plenty of steeps and lots of ungroomed terrain. One person per season dies at Homewood.
There are of course lots more, maybe I'll add them later.

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