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trees gather to lay beckon before the choice of man.
persuasive branches taming at the verdant
leaves of decision making.
surrounded by the infinitesimal
vegetation of option is the road
to discovering the noble identity.
a hunger for one's personality
abides inevitably,
submissive to the condescending radiance
of humanity's ancient imperfections.
traditional experiences fail to summit
over the ostentatious brick wall,
the ungrateful edifice that should
never have claimed erection.
scornful is the secular, urbane
psychological foundation cast
by a 21 st century life-style,
hindering the fidelity of man to his righteousness.
and yet, still,
beneath impurity and sky,
an earthy decision has to be made.
who will take that honest path?
who will ascend the high road?
who has the grace?

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