Depending on the op tempo of your unit, you may find yourself spending anywhere from a few days to an entire month earning your first rank in the MCMAP system: your Tan belt.

Techniques covered in the Tan Belt course:
1. Introduction to Close Combat
2. Basic Warrior Stance and Angles of Movement.
3. Principles of Strikes and Punches.
4. Breakfalls.
5. Bayonet techniques.
6. Upper Body Strikes.
7. Lower body strikes.
8. Chokes.
9. Leg sweep.
10. Counters to strikes.
11. Counters to chokes and holds.
12. Unarmed Manipulation.
13. Knife techniques.

Additionally, there are events such as the "combat conditioning course", "pugil sticks", lessons on United States Marine Corps History and 'warrior case studies' (basically the reading of Medal of Honor citations and discussions on their actions).

Every class in the Tan Belt course begins with calisthenics and Body Hardening.

It is useful to remember that completing the Tan Belt course will not make you Rambo and Bruce Lee's love child; like Yellow Belt in most other martial arts, it builds sound fundamentals and technique that will be the basis for more interesting and useful things later on. This is not to say that it is useless by itself; far from it. Many of the techniques taught can cause serious injury or death to the unfortunate asshole who decided to try and beat you up.

With this in mind, to attend a proper Tan Belt course, you will need:

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