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Taneytown, Maryland is a small town (pop. approx 5,500) sitting at the intersection of Maryland highways 194 and 140. It is pronounced with a long 'a' sound, so that it rhymes with the name "Ron." If you do not pronounce it this way the locals will immediately know that you are an outsider and pelt you with rocks. Well, I'm joking about the rock thing, but don't expect a warm welcome.

Taneytown itself doesn't have much to offer to the tourist now that Fred Gwynne (the guy who played Herman Munster) has passed on. It's pretty much a town that has been largely ignored by the march of progress. It could have turned into something similar to Gettysburg if it weren't for a few strategic decisions by the Confederate Army. You see, there used to be a shoe factory in Taneytown.

I lived in Taneytown myself, and I can pretty much tell you that unless you're a techie with a penchant for blowing stuff up you won't have much to keep you entertained. Really all you can do is drugs or each other. Given that the average Taneytownian isn't the Venus di Milo incarnate you might want to stick to the drugs. Then maybe you won't care.

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