Tango för enbenta

Seventh novel by author Sture Dahlström first published in 1981.

Factory worker Karl Andersson longs for freedom. Most of his working hours he lets his mind wander into dreams and fantasies. Alone in his apartment he spends his time reading books, playing the accordion and writing letters to the editors in miscellaneous papers.

Karl Andersson is a very lonely person. He writes tango lyrics to the honour of Swedenborg and sings them to himself playing the accordion. Every now and then he goes to Copenhagen to get drunk and go to prostitutes.

In his quest for freedom he quits his job and buys a small farm in the forest. He becomes completely self sufficient by growing potatoes and carrots and by fishing and hunting.

However, the act of transfer for the farm is annulled by the local council. They want him to move to an apartment in town. Andersson occupies his own farm, stops receiving letters, puts barbed wire around the perimeter and shoots with his hunting rifle at any officials who dare to approach. At the end the police surround the farm and there is a big fight with shooting and blood loss, all on live television.

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