General information:

Taquara is a small town located in the margin of Paranhana river, Paranhana Valley, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. It's named after a native bamboo-like plant, and was founded in April 17th, 1886 by Tristao Monteiro.

Geography and Weather:

The city is located in the northeast region of the state, far 72 kilometers from the capital, Porto Alegre and 42 kilometers from the important touristic town of Gramado. Other major nearby cities includes Canoas, Sao Leopoldo and Novo Hamburgo.

City altitude varies from 29 meters in the center to 600 meters in the hilly region. Average temperature is 22 Celsius degrees, and climate is temperate, with the four seasons well-recognized.

Population is 51,000, where 37,000 people live in urban areas.


To the present date, the town has 2,200 established enterprises that constitutes its commercial area, and 690 industries. Also, there are 4,400 miscelaneous services establishments.


There are 48 city-run (elementary and high) schools, 16 state-run, and 6 private high school institutions. Also very important to the town is the only college, Faculdades de Taquara (FACCAT).


Every year the city hosts a traditional agricultural exposition, EXPOCAMPO, featuring producers and farmers from nearby regions. In November, is held a german-inspired party called Novemberfest, where people from nearby villages and towns gather to drink beer and eat traditional foods, listening to German tradition songs.

Nice places to eat are the Topo Gigio restaurant, located on the road to Sao Francisco de Paula and Pizzaria do Clube, in the center of town.

For fun, establishment such as Alpha Bingo and Twister bar are always crowded, along with several bars and clubs.

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