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Tarantella software provides a cross-platform solution for web-enabling applications. It deploys Windows , mainframe, Linux and UNIX applications, and also introduces integrated AS/400 connectivity -- so users can access server-based applications through a web browser, from anywhere.

Tarantella is currently a division of The Santa Cruz Operation.

It's like Citrix for the *ix and *ux minded. And it's cheaper too.

Tar`an*tel"la (?), n. [It.] Mus. (a)

A rapid and delirious sort of Neapolitan dance in 6-8 time, which moves in whirling triplets; -- so called from a popular notion of its being a remedy against the poisonous bite of the tarantula. Some derive its name from Taranto in Apulia.


Music suited to such a dance.


© Webster 1913.

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