Target Rifle Shooting is a competitive discipline where precision engineered target rifles, high quality ammunition, and skillful shooters come together to produce an astounding display of skill and determination.

The top of this sport is reached by a combination of flawless, consistent technique and a skill for assessing the winds affect on the flight of a bullet. Like other precision sports such as golf, lawn bowls and snooker, an understanding of the eyes' perception, light, the psychology of competition and, of course, continual practice all contribute to success.

Target Shooting doesn't require exceptional fitness or, surprisingly, perfect eyesight. Older and physically impaired people can enjoy successful participation like any other shooter. Also, this is one of the very few sports where women and men compete without favour or discrimination for the same grades and prizes. Teenagers old enough to hold a Minor's Firearms Licence are also most welcome. It's a family sport.

The sport comes in two main flavors:

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