Tarifit is a Berber language spoken by perhaps 2 million people worldwide: 1,500,000 in Morocco and 500,000 in Algeria.

It is spoken along the northern coast of Morocco and eastwards into western Algeria as far as the neighborhood of Alhucemas. There are scattered groups of Tarifit speakers even further east, as far as Arzeu, the result of recent migrations.

Riff is the name of the people who speak Tarifit, which is literally 'language of the Riff' It has no official status in Morocco or Algeria. Male speakers are usually bilingual in Arabic, but female speakers usually aren't.

Tarifit is also known as Rifi, Rifia, Northern Shilha, Shilha, Tirifie, Riff, Ruafa, Fifia and Rif.

Dialects include Urrighel, Beni Iznassen, Arzeu, Igzennaian and Iznacen. The chief differences among dialects are phonological, and there may be other dialects.

There is an extinct language, Senhaja de Srair, said to be similar, but a separate language rather than a dialect.

According to Ethnologue, the taxonomy of Tarifit is

Afro-Asiatic (372) 
  Berber (26) 
    Northern Berber (17) 
      Zenati (12) 
        Riff (2)
          Tarifit  RIF
Happy New Year in Tarifit is "Asuggas Asa'di".

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