US military acronym: Reduction in Force

Similar to layoffs experienced by the corporate world, in a RIF a set number of personnel will be separated at each rank. Boards, similar to those met for promotion, are convened to rank each person, at which point enough people at the bottom end of each rank are separated from the service.

The Air Force RIF boards that met during the reductions in the late 1980's and early 1990's have come under fire for using racial quotas and gender quotas to ensure that a greater proportion of white males were riffed than women or minorities.

The Rif is the mountainous coastal region in the north of Morocco. In colonial times it was under Spanish rule (except the international city of Tangiers), and was united with the larger French Morocco on independence.

Between 1920 and 1926 there was a Rif War, with Abd el-Krim (1882-1963) fighting for independence. A Rif Republic (also called Er Rif) was proclaimed in 1923. He was successful for a while, and almost drove the Spanish out completely by 1924. Then France and Spain united their forces under Marshal Henri Philippe Petain and defeated the Rifian tribes' revolt.

Also known as Riff. The local Berber language is called various things including Rif and Riff but noded under Tarifit.

Reading is Fundamental, a cause heavily promoted by Barbara Bush during her time as First Lady between 1989 and 1993. RIF ( started in 1966 as a volunteer-led effort to get more children to read, and is currently backed by several private and corporate sponsors. The goal of RIF is not only to teach every American how to read, but also to encourage more frequent reading. In 2000, the organization provided over 14 million free books through a network of over 300,000 volunteers.

The largest, most visible supporter of RIF is the Coca-Cola Company, which has pledged $18 million over three years to help the organization's efforts.


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