Taxidermy is the UK based rock band Queen Adreena's debut album, released in 1999.

01. Cold Fish (K. J. Garside / C. Gray)
02. Soda Dreamer (K. J. Garside / C. Gray)
03. I Adore You (K. J. Garside / C. Gray)
04. Yesterday's hymn (K.J.Garside / C. Gray)
05. Pretty Polly (K. J. Garside / C. Gray)
06. Yemaya (instrumental)
07. Madraykin (K. J. Garside)
08. X-ing Off the Days (C. Gray)
09. Hide From Time (S. Carter / K. J. Garside)
10. Friday's Child (K. J. Garside / C. Gray)
11. Sleepwalking (K. J. Garside / C. Gray)
12. Are The Songs My Disease (K. J. Garside / C. Gray)
13. Weeds (K. J. Garside / C. Gray)

The following tracks are included on the Japanese version only:

14. A Heavenly Surrender (K. J. Garside)
15. Pray For Me (K. J. Garside)

Tax"i*der`my (?), n. [Gr. an arranging, arrangement (fr. to arrange) + a skin, from to skin: cf. F. taxidermie. See Tactics, Tear, v. t.]

The art of preparing, preserving, and mounting the skins of animals so as to represent their natural appearance, as for cabinets.


© Webster 1913.

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