An incredibly funny and incredibly wrong manga strip by Clay. Inspired by the Japanese series Heartbroken Angels, it takes it one step further in a portrayal of the disgusting and perverted side of humanity.

Like its mentor, the strips follow the strict format of title, subtitle and four panels. As for the humor, I think the second strip gives a good idea. Obi Wen Kenobi appears to Luke, informing him that Darth Vader is indeed his father, and that Princess Leia is his sister. One panel down, Luke muses this fact. "I have to confront my father, and tell my sister!" Move to the last panel and we see that Luke has been recieving a blowjob from Leia during the ghostly conversation. "I think I'll confront Vader first." Clay's humor usually uses anonymous characters, but some recurring faces have popped up. The two best are Mike the chronic masturbator, who has done more to popularize the sound "Fap! Fap! Fap!" than anyone else in manga-dom, and Shiunji Watanabe, a boy with far too much of an interest in taxidermy for his own good, though it does assure him a girlfriend at all times, even if she doesn't say much. Or move much. Or breathe much. Almost every strip in this series makes me want to laugh out loud, though I'm afraid of ever explaining why I'm laughing to others. The guest strips are amusing as well, but they're only desert to the main thing.

The comic may be found at you sick bastard you.

It appears that The Thin H Line has become Sexy Losers. Clay has become Hard, and they are still rebuilding the archives, but this is the same twisted hentai humour that we have come to node and love. The new URL is

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