There are web comics. You know the type, quiet, calm, respectable. PVP, User Friendly, Penny Arcade. Then there's Sexy Losers. To be quite honest, there's no real way to describe how the comic works; some characters and story lines recur and span several strips (although some story line strips are separated by many, many non-related strips), but some characters and plots are killed/finished in a single strip. Drawn and written by Hard (using the GIMP to enhance the images, I might add), Sexy Losers encompasses pretty much any and all depraved topics, including but not limited to necrophilia, incest, suicide, bondage, scat and excessive masturbation.

I like the comic. A lot. Out of the some eighty strips put up by Hard, I have found each and every one to be absolutely hilarious, and this enjoyment bothers me. Although many of the strips merely utilize sex as a tool for comedy, some go beyond a line that many artists do not dare to cross; his bravery is admirable. His artistic ability is truly spectacular; everything is crisp, clean, and superbly drawn. No, the humor is not for everyone; a lot of it is downright sick, but if you can proudly declare yourself a pervert, a sicko, or one of the mentally ill, give Sexy Losers a chance. You might just like it.


Perhaps it's time for an update. As mentioned in the writeup below, Sexy Losers has once again fallen victim to Hard's personal situation, and has gone through quite a few changes. First off, is out and is in. Following an extended leave, Hard finally got the inspiration to pick up the game again. He brought along with him the new comics, Little White Lie and Sunday Morning Coffee with Tang Ho. However, shortly after he got the site up, he had to go through a major move. All of his comics suffered for an additional two months.

Now that he's back, he has officially ended SMC and has failed to update Little White Lie (last update: March 18 Sexy Losers has been updated weekly since his return, though, and they have been exceptional. Also, the message board has been updated and has a much nicer interface.


Another update. The old is working again for your browsing pleasure. Little White Lie is officially on hiatus until Hard gets settled in. The Kenta's Horny Mom storyline has just reached an incredibly disturbing new low. My mind is scarred forever.

Sexy Losers is the reincarnation of The Thin H Line, as is obvious by the content and drawing style. So, why is there no reference or information regarding the downtime, name change, and loss of the archives?

Well, according to a rumor circulating on Usenet and elsewhere, the author, Clay, is in fact a schoolteacher, in Japan. His ex informed the school department of his rather dubious online endeavor, and he was forced to remove it (as it was under his real name) before they could find out and fire him. Mind you, some details here might be a little bit sketchy, but supposedly, that's what happened.

Apparently, he's still a bit paranoid about them finding out, so he doesn't make any mention of what the site used to be called, or his former nickname.

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