Sinfest is a great lil' web comic strip drawn the the quasi-talented Tatsuya Ishida; President, CEO, Revolutionary, But also just a boy asking for your love.

The Main characters include Slick ("Caligula-Pimpin'"), Monique ("Do the forever thing!"), God ("Pull my Finger"), Satan ("Evul"), a cat and a dog ("What if I never find my soul mate!").

Surpisingly enough, no major syndicate has picked up on SinFest, and Mister Ishida has a lengthy collection of rejection letters. Perhaps he should become a writer instead? Naw. It's just as well -- being an indie will keep him from selling out. We're all hoping he'll get his own domain, soon. He finally got his own domain!

SinFest currently lives at

Sinfest is the only web comic I've read that manages to evoke the same feelings deep down inside me that Calvin & Hobbes and Bloom County did. This is clearly Tatsuya's goal, and he openly declares it in many of the strips. In fact, one strip comes to mind in which Slick and Monique, while discussing how original and new they are in spite of the world of rehashed crap around them, don Calvin & Hobbes costumes and walk away.

The strip takes a very tongue-in-cheek look at the absurdities of religion and popular culture. God and Satan are recurring characters, and God takes great joy in putting on heavenly hand-puppet shows in which the goofy devil invariably receives his comeuppance. Unfortunately for God, a wise and mischevious dragon (representing Eastern religions) occasionally drops in to make a mockery out of all things Western.

The main character, Slick, is very much like a teenaged Calvin, having replaced Hobbes with his real, yet far less intelligent, friend Monique. Slick has a habit of selling his soul to Satan (one wonders how many souls he has), and Monique tends to fall into the role of "confused teenage jail-bait ho."

Other, more minor, characters include Criminy, a short, four-eyed nerd; Squigley, literally a male chauvinist pig; Seymour, a devout Puritan and loony Jesus fan-boy; Pooch, a doofy dog; Percival, a snooty cat; and the immortal and righteous angels Ariel and Ezekiel.

Tatsuya is quite talented at being turned down by the syndicates, probably because of his rather unconventional and (some would say) sacriligious sense of humor. Oh yeah, and he uses words like "fuck" and "shit" a lot. It's a real shame he keeps being turned down though, because Sinfest is one of the most entertaining and heartfelt comics of this generation.

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