Characters from the comic strip Ozy and Millie.

Millie, a fox, was first created in 1996 by one D.C. Simpson, who later went on to create Ozy. It was a while before he paired the two in a comic strip, 'Ozy and Millie'. I think it is fair to say that the author is and was influenced by "Bloom County" and "Calvin & Hobbes", which he was fascinated with during his elementary school years.

(nice recovery...)

Ozymandias, the Ozy in Ozy and Millie was, at first, a gray wolf, later to be changed to an artic fox by DC Simpson, the comic's creator. Ozy is by far more mature than his grade-school peers and posesses a zen-like outlook on life, which, of course, doesn't quite sit well with his peers. Ozy is often the commentary in the strip, the great leveler and often the reality-check for his co-star, Millie. His father is a red dragon, who has lived a long and seemingly endless life. Currently, he is in the 5th grade general area.

Ozy is by far my favorite character of the strip. And I love the top hat.

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