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In Greek legend, one of the Pleiades sisters, seduced by Zeus. She gave birth to Lacedæmon, founder of Sparta. In some versions of the story, she was unwilling to yield to Zeus, and was disguised by Artemis as a hind (female red deer) to elude him, but he eventually caught her and fathered Lacedæmon on her, whereupon she hanged herself.

Another Taygete was niece to the first. She married Lacedæmon and bore Himerus, who drowned himself in a river after Aphrodite caused him to deflower his sister Cleodice. One of the Taygetes may have been mother to Tantalus, who was tormented in Hades with thirst and hunger for offending the gods. However his parentage is uncertain. His mother may instead be Pluto (not the Roman version of Hades), daughter of either Cronus and Rhea or Oceanus and Tethys, and his father Zeus or Tmolus.

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