Japanese consumer electronics manufacturer, like Panasonic one of the more-than-just-plain-huge Matsushita empire's brand. Stuff sold with a Technics label includes:

Except for the 1200 and 1210 turntables, Technics products (especially their musical instruments) are not very renowned, though they usually deliver great value at a moderate price. One-man bands like their entertainer keyboards, but Technics does not produce serious synthesizers. They probably could do a lot for their reputation by making a flagship workstation like the Korg Triton, Yamaha Motif or Roland Fantom; without a doubt, they've got the know-how, but apparently they chose staying with home keyboards, with the notable exception of their P30 and SX-P50 stage pianos.

Historically, Technics have made decent synthesizers -- very decent ones, even, such as the Technics WSA-1, which was a modeling synth and thus a direct competitor to the Korg Z1. Rick Wakeman praised the WSA-1, but commented that Technics killed the instrument by selling it under the same Technics brand and by the same Technics salespeople that used to sell home organs. Which, sadly, put people off (ironically, Technics have stopped making home organs). In my personal opinion, I think Technics could make a better budget synth than most other manufactures. If they only would.

Tech"nics (?), n.

The doctrine of arts in general; such branches of learning as respect the arts.


© Webster 1913.

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