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Ted Leo and the Pharmacists were formed in the wake of the demise of Chisel in 1999. Originally a solo project of Ted Leo, the Pharmacists soon became a full band, earning a vast cult following and great critical acclaim.

The band has released several albums and EPs under various labels, including:

Treble in Trouble (EP) - 1999
The Tyranny of Distance - 2001 (Lookout! Records)
Hearts of Oak - 2003 (Lookout! Records)
Tell Balgeary, Balgury Is Dead (EP) - 2003 (Lookout! Records)
Shake the Sheets - 2004 (Lookout! Records)
Sharkbite Sessions (EP) - 2005 (Lookout! Records)
Living With The Living - 2007 (Touch and Go Records)

Current permanent band members are:

Ted Leo - guitar, vocals
James Canty - guitar
Chris Wilson - drums

After the departure of bassist Dave Lerner in 2007, the current touring the bassist is Marty Key of The Young Pioneers, and as of yet a permanent bass player has not been named.

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