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Tegan Jovanka was a Doctor Who companion. She was played by Australian actress Janet Fielding. She first appeared in Logopolis (episode 116).

In Logopolis, Tegan was a 21-year old flight attendant who was en route to her first real job with her aunt. They got a flat. Seeing the TARDIS and thinking it was an actual police box, she entered it. During the episode her aunt was killed by The Master. Doctor Who, played by Tom Baker, dies at the end of Logopolis and she witnesses him regenerating into a man who curiously resembled the Dish of the Day1 in The HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy. That is to say Peter Davison.

Her final appearance as an official companion was in Resurrection of the Daleks (episode 134). At the end of the episode, the TARDIS puts in a stop on Earth. Tegan -- weary of her long journeys, occasional personality clashes with the other members of the TARDIS, and the large amount of death that seemed to follow in Doctor Who's wake -- choses to stay on Earth.

Tegan returned briefly for The Caves of Androzani (episode 136) for a guest shot.

Tegan, with a figure that would push her into the ranks of the "anatomically elite"2, seems to be a perennial favorite companion among Doctor Who's mostly male sweaty-palmed following. Tegan was no bimbo, however. She was self-confident to the point of being a bit brash.

Tegan's character was unique in that she was the longest running Doctor Who companion (appearing in 19 episodes) and the only companion to be introduced during a regeneration episode.

Fielding herself quit acting shortly after playing the Tegan role and worked for an advocacy group for women in film and television. She also became an agent and actually represented Paul McGann, the American TV incarnation of Doctor Who.


1 Peter Davison plays the talking cow dish in Miliways.

2 She had big fucking tits, okay.
Tegan Jovanka was a character in the British television series Doctor Who, played by actress Janet Fielding. She was a feisty Australian air hostess who appeared in the penultimate Tom Baker story Logopolis in 1981, and stayed with the Peter Davidson incarnation for a few seasons. Her nasally Australian dry wit and whinging added a human touch to the Tardis and the company of the Doctor's scientifically minded and insufferable companions Adric and Nyssa.

Using a database, a cursory check of Australian children born in the early 1980s shows that four times as many girls were named Tegan after her character appeared on Australian television than before.

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