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(Tekstari = Finnish for "text message")

A text message lives only for a small moment, sometimes longer, but finally its fate will be to get erased. Now there's a home for messages of love, greetings, goodbyes and thoughts. This book can easily be carried with you, and will save your memories.

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(From the back cover)

Tekstarit is, as the name says, a "text message diary". It's intended for recording SMS messages for days to come.

This book was made by Tiina Maunu and Mikko Autio, and published by WSOY. (ISBN 951-9-25972-1.) There's probably a market for this sort of books. I guess imitations will follow. =)

An extremely neat idea. For many people in Finland, for example, SMS messages are the principal means of person-to-person communication, and are certainly easier and faster to send than traditional mail. Phone memories, on the other hand, are limited.

Ooh, I wish I would have had this book before my Nokia 9110 memory got corrupt and everything was gone... =/

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