For those of you unfamiliar with the tele-conference, it's just a set up where the greedy corporations milk more money from handicapped fone users by billing them OBSCENE amounts of money to talk to each other. You can have a large amount of people on a tele-conference, but you don't want to because some jerk-off neeto eliteo kiddee always shows up trying to impress people with his ability to play tones over his computer speakers. By the way, if you ARE this kid, STOP IT.

Now, on to the write up. In order to set up a tele-conference, you have to have a phone line (if you couldn't figure this out, ask the nurse to wheel you back to your room and bring you some tapioca). What you want to take into consideration is that making a call to a conference, or to set up a conference is VERY BAD. So bad in fact, that it can wind up costing you a SHIT load of money. We don't want that.

Instead what you should do is go to a COCOT, which is a non bell payphone, and see if it has ringback. Generally, the easiest way to do this is just find a COCOT and have someone call you.

The other option is to beige a line, which is where you use your beige box, to take over a line from a Bell can (those brown boxes you see sitting around). However, this is much trickier, and I don't want to explain it, so try to find a COCOT.

Anyways, once you have found yourself a suitable line, get ready to call the teleconference centre of your choice. My personal favourite is AT&T teleconferencing (1-800-232-1234).

When you call, you will have to do some social engineering to get a conf. set up. So try and have some prefabricated (made up, dipshit) information to give them.

They will ask you for a name, an address, a call back number, as well as a company name. Good Luck! Oh, and I attached some Tele-conference lingo you might not understand to the end of the article. Enjoy!

Dialed In: A conference where you are assigned a 1-800 number by the operator so that conference users can dial in. This is the one you want!

Operator Initiated: A conference where the operator calls all parties who are to join the conference call. You DON'T want this (unless you feel like giving out the numbers of EVERYONE involved in your illegal conference call)

Coin: This is what the operator will call a payphone. Generally, it's best to just act dumb and say it's not a payphone, it's your business line, but chances are if the op knows it's a coin, they're on to you.

Growable: A conference where you initially specify the number of dial in callers, but will allow the conference to expand to a number higher than the originally specified number of callers.

Non-Growable: You guessed it. This is a conference that WON'T grow to add new callers. This is suited to you if you know EXACTLY who is going to be in your conference, and don't want anyone unexpectedly joining.

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