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Temple University Japan is a branch campus of Temple University, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Recognized as the oldest and largest American university in Japan, it was founded in 1982.

Location: TUJ has three locations: the main campus is located in Tokyo. Furthermore, there are two campuses in Osaka and Fukuoka that support their Graduate College of Education Program. One attends their graduate program to recieve their Masters in TESOL - Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

The Tokyo Campus: The main campus of TUJ is located in Minato-ku, which I've been told is a large foreign embassy/business district. Self-contained in one office building, it boasts a Writing Center, a Language Learning Lab, an Editing Room (for audio and video production), a Computer Center, the traditional library, study room, and student lounges, as well as a bookstore. In addition, the TUJ campus has one of two TOEFL Test Centers in Tokyo.

Dorms: Since TUJ is located in the heart of Tokyo, there is no large dorm akin to major universities in the US. However, there is a smaller apartment complex known as TUJ House, located in the Jiyugaoka district of Meguro-ku. Priority for living in TUJ House is reserved for study abroad students registered through the main campus in Philadelphia.

Enrollment Breakdown: The total number of students at TUJ is around 1,700 according to the website, with about 500 of those in the Undergraduate program. 200-300 students are in the Academic Preparation Program, which is an intensive course to help Japanese natives improve their English for the purpose of studying at TUJ or another American university. The rest of the students are either in the many graduate programs or continuing their education.

Nationality Breakdown: Within the undergraduate program, roughly 60% of the students are Japanese, 15% are American, and the remaining 25% come from other international backgrounds. However, the numbers are much more balanced in the graduate program, with an almost even 50/50 split between Japanese and International students.

Why would Japanese students attend TUJ? It gives them the opportunity to recieve an American BA, which offers them more job opportunities in the US. Because it's a branch of TU, they offer the exact same course catalog, offering a welcome chance at an intensive college education rather than the 4-year-party that most Japanese universities are considered to be.

Why would international students attend TUJ? IMHO, TUJ offers the best of both worlds: While Americans (and other international students as well) can study abroad (an opportunity that everyone should take advantage of), TUJ gives them the comfort of classes taught in english.
Source: TUJ homepage, http://www.tuj.ac.jp
I depart for my year at TUJ on August 25th, 2004. Woohoo!

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