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The fourth Tenchi Muyo! TV series (including Magical Project S/Magical Girl Pretty Sammy). GXP began airing in Japan in April, 2002 and completed its first late-night broadcast run of 26 episodes in September. The series was produced by the Anime International Company(AIC) and VAP stepped in to provide financial backing instead of Pioneer LDC.

Tenchi Muyo! GXP (Galaxy Police Transporter) is set in the same universe as the original OVA series. Most of the other Tenchi TV series and movies took place in different continuities than the OVAs, which often led to confusion.

On the other hand, although the original characters are frequently mentioned, and make occasional cameos, GXP has an entirely different main cast than the other Tenchi series. In addition, GXP is the first animated appearance of several characters who were introduced in the True Tenchi Muyo! Japanese novel series by Masaki Kajishima, one of the original creators of Tenchi.

The plot revolves around Seina Yamada, a 15-year-old student at Tenchi's high school. The extremely unlucky boy is caught in the impact when Galaxy Police(GP) detective Amane Kaunaq, one of Mihoshi's old partners, comes to deliver a message for Tenchi. Assuming that Seina's part of Tenchi's inner circle, she accidentally causes a chain of events that ends with Seina shanghaied into the GP's training academy.

As soon as he arrives, Kiriko Masaki (no relation), Seina's childhood friend (and unrequited love) on Earth, reveals herself to be an undercover GP officer and begs Seina to turn back before it's too late. But Seina has discovered that his luck has made him into a living magnet for space pirates, able to lure literally hundreds of ships into the open where they can be captured. Eager to actually serve a purpose, he embraces the chance to be an officer in the GP.

Of course, since this is a spinoff of Tenchi Muyo, he rapidly finds himself in the middle of romantic troubles with both Amane and Kiriko, as well as other characters such as Ryoko Balouta, a space pirate named after the legend who attacked Jurai so long ago. And what does Seiryo have to do with everything?

The director of GXP is the infamous Shinichi Watanabe, AKA Nabeshin, who also worked on the anime series Excel Saga, Puni Puni Poemi, and Tokyo Pig. Because of this, GXP is something of a rollercoaster ride, with zany slapstick and gratuitous fan service followed almost immediately by dramatic moments and intense violence. For those who think that's good, GXP is definitely worth looking at if you get a chance.

Funimation informally announced that it had obtained the US licence for GXP at the 2002 Anime Expo New York convention; so far, neither Funimation or AIC have formally confirmed or denied this.

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