One of the more beautiful women working in the porn industry today. Ms. Patrick comes from half Thai and half English descent, and is a former runway model. She’s also a registered nurse and holds a Bachelor's degree in microbiology.

Her video, Virtual Sex with Tera Patrick is (currently) the best-selling pornographic DVD of all time. Utilizing the interactive abilities of DVD technology, the video is much more like a porn video game than a movie. You can place Tera in any of four sexual positions, each with two different camera angle options. In addition, you can push a button to make her orgasm at any time, have her give a blowjob, and perhaps most interesting of all - you can make her act nasty or nice.
NOTE: This video is very male-orientated; there’s a complete lack of storyline, something many women (and the anima inside me) find extremely boring. So if you’re a woman interested in Tera, I suggest seeing one of her other movies.

Tera Patrick has been making pornographic movies since 1999.

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