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Terence “Boona” Boylan’s climb to fame began when his band (The Pre Teens) performed “Hard to Get” on WBNY’s Buffalo Bob’s Radio Show. Boylan was 12.

As a high school sophomore in Buffalo, NY Boylan performed in local spots; The Limelight, The Lower Level, and The Bell, Book and Candle, in Ontario.

At Bard College he formed The Ginger Men with his brother John. The Ginger Men played Greenwich Village’s Night Owl Café. The band’s sound was rock and roll with a folk and blues influence.

He and his brother teamed for Boylan’s first album The Appletree Theater. This album received critical acclaim (including a nod from John Lennon) for its unique use of skits between tracks. In 1968 college classmates Donald Fegen and Walter Becker (Steely Dan) aided him on his second album Alias Boona.

A behind the scenes guy now, Boylan writes and records songs for film soundtracks and other artists. He has his own record label (Spinnaker Records), and book publishing company, (The River Press). He is also the Executive Director of the Boylan Foundation for International Medical Research. A new album is in the works.


Playback, The Appletree Theater
MGM/ Verve Forecast (1967)

Alias Boona
MGM/ Verve Forcast (1968)

Terence Boylan
Asylum 7E-1091 (1977)

Asylum 6E-201 (1980)

Terence Boylan (A Retrospective)
Spinnaker Records SPA-307 (1999)

Source: Article by Brian Sweet, Terence Boylan offical website (www.terenceboylan.com)

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