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When you think of the word "football" what comes to your mind? Is it soccer, as the other countries call it; or is it the great American tradition we have all grown to love.

Being born and raised in Texas, male or female, you understood it is more of a religion than a spectators sport. Every Friday night when the stores were closed and nobody was home, you could always expect everybody to be watching the High School football game.

At the end of every summer, before Fall would roll around you can hear whispers of football talk. You could feel it in the air; everyone was getting ready for the start of another year, hoping, their team would be State Champions. Saturday throughout Thursday folks were either talking about last Friday's game or the one forthcoming. Not a shred of doubt, no matter how bad the town's team was; they were going to go to playoffs.

There was only one affair bigger than watching the game; participating in the game had to be one of the most exhilarating aspects of Friday night. Running out through a High School banner and looking towards the stands with not a soul sitting down. Seeing the mass of the school colors in the crowd, hearing the cheers of classmates and fans alike, and the pride carried on the shoulders of the team as they run down the sidelines heads held high.

That my friends is just a taste of Texas High School Football!

Every quarter of the game you play, you play it as your last, there is no such thing as defeat on my field.
—Ranger ISD Coach 2006

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