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The Texas School Book Depository is located at 411 Elm Street, in downtown Dallas, Texas. It has seven floors and a basement, and is 100 by 100 feet square. On November 22, 1963, Lee Harvey Oswald shot and killed shot President John F. Kennedy from the sixth floor. It is now known as the Dallas County Administration Building.

In the 1880s the property was owned by John Neely Bryan and was the site of a wagon shop. In 1894 the property was sold to the Rock Island Plow Company, and four years later a five story building was built for the Texas division of the company. The building burned down in 1901 because of a lightning strike, but it was rebuilt on the same foundation by 1903. The property was bought by the Carraway-Byrd Corporation in 1937 but they defaulted on the loan, and the property was bought by Col. D. Harold Byrd.

The building was leased to the Texas School Book Depository Company, and on November 22, 1963 President Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald from the southeast corner of the sixth floor. After this incident, the building was closed to the public for twenty-five years. The School Book Depository Company moved out of the building after it was put up for sale by Byrd. Aubrey Mayhew from Nashville, Tennessee bought the building, and tried to turn it into a museum, but part of it was destroyed by a fire set by an arsonist on August 1, 1972.

Dallas County purchased the building in 1977, and it was dedicated as a Texas Historic Landmark in 1981. Renamed the 'Dallas County Administration Building', renovations took place in order for two floors of the building to hold the Dallas County Commissioners Court. In 1988, the infamous sixth floor became an exhibit of John F. Kennedy's life and death. The exhibit, which opened on President's Day, February 20, 1989, contains photographs, artifacts, documentary films, and interviews.


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