Tired of standard hamburgers? Does simple ground beef on a bun not do it for you anymore? Trying to make ground turkey into a good burger, but haven't yet figured out what'll make it exceptional? Here's one great recipe to allow you to make some incredible burgers, that are even healthier than your standard greasy cow-parts on a bun.

(Note to those interested - no, this is not a Thai dish. You won't likely find it anywhere in a Thai restaurant, or probably anywhere in Thailand at all. It's simply named as it is because the mix of additional ingredients is a somewhat Thai-like mix, I suppose. Or maybe not very Thai like at all, from what some have said to me. But still good.)

Serve them however you want, whether on buns, bagels, simple bread, or on or in pita bread.

So, what to top them with, you ask? Well, you COULD treat them like any other burger, and put on all the regular toppings... but you'll be insulting the wonderful flavor of these burgers! Ketchup and mustard and such just don't do these things justice.

A mix of light mayonnaise and thai chili sauce, proportions to taste, are the recommended topping. However, they're far from the only choice. Some Monterey Jack cheese and salsa is also a great idea, with some red leaf lettuce. (If you try them and find other toppings that go really well, let me know! I'll add them here!)

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