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In The Strand in 1924, also appears in 'The Case-book of Sherlock Holmes'
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Sherlock Holmes is approached by a Mr Nathan Garrideb, a British scholar and eccentric, who in turn has been contacted by John Garrideb, an American who is on a mission to assemble three male adults sharing the same peculiar surname in order to fulfill the conditions of the last will and testament of a millionaire back in Topeka, Kansas. However, the American turns out to be one, 'Killer' Evans, a gangster of some renown, who is out to lure the reclusive Nathan Garrideb out of his flat in order to access the hidden cellar beneath it (the former occupant of the flat was a quite accomplished counterfeiter who hid his gear in the cellar). Needless to say, Holmes discovers the truth and the criminal is apprehended after a brief fight scene.


The plot gimmick of this story is almost identical to the one in 'The Red-headed League', but apart from that it is a quite nicely executed story. Holmes does some pretty obvious sleuthing, like asking the supposed American about a fictional acquaintance from his home town to see if he will lie about that (he does), and there is a little bit of suspense as well. There are two other points of interest in this story; in the beginning it is noted that Holmes has turned down the honor of knighthood as a reward for his services to the Crown, and after the fight, where Watson gets shot in the leg, we get a rare glimpse of Holmes' sincere affection for his comrade.

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