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Gone as you are now,

the memories linger,

infusing the midnight room with a fog and clouding my senses


Sticking to the pages of the books, the dust settles,

tainting the library with hints of who I was before,

bittersweet reminders of unfinished stories and old friends hung from cliffs


I dust the room away, staving it off for the time being knowing that it would happen all over again next week

and bracing myself for the next windstorm

Schol"ar (?), n. [OE. scoler, AS. sc&omac;lere, fr. L. scholaris belonging to a school, fr. schola a school. See School.]


One who attends a school; one who learns of a teacher; one under the tuition of a preceptor; a pupil; a disciple; a learner; a student.

I am no breeching scholar in the schools. Shak.


One engaged in the pursuits of learning; a learned person; one versed in many branches, of knowledge; a person of high literary or scientific attainments; a savant.

Shak. Locke.


A man of books.



In English universities, an undergraduate who belongs to the foundation of a college, and receives support in part from its revenues.

Syn. -- Pupil; learner; disciple. -- Scholar, Pupil. Scholar refers to the instruction, and pupil to the care and government, of a teacher. A scholar is one who is under instruction; a pupil is one who is under the immediate and personal care of an instructor; hence we speak of a bright scholar, and an obedient pupil.


© Webster 1913.

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