Hekim Bey spelled correctly. An anarchist, Sufi scholar, and author of three books that are relatively easily available: T-A-Z, Immediatism, and Millennium. All have to do with direct action we can take to free ourselves, often through unmediated experience. He was a big influence on the way that Burning Man happens, and the way that it is interpreted, among other things.

A pen name for somebody else. If I told you, it wouldn't be a secret, would it?

It's not really a secret since he uses his slave name interchangeably, it is a pen name not a nom de guerre.

I am not outing anyone by saying his name is:
Peter Lamborn Wilson

Among Hakims more quirky traits is that he is a very public fan of young men (I do mean young)
He travels with a selection of moon faced boys who affect the lower east side squatter look.

When I saw him speak publicly the young man he was with was clearly bored. I wondered if there is some sub culture of chicken hawk bait ontological anarchist sufi groupies out there just waiting for people like Hakim to show up on the scene.

Another interesting tid bit is that he refers to the Catholic church as a conspiracy of marxist nuns, but I can't remember why.

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