SIJIL: The Triple Rose of the Adept Chamber

by Hakim Bey

from The Moorish Science Monitor, Vol VII #2 Autumn 1994. Ziggurat POB 25193 Rochester NY 14625

The H.M.O.C. Adept Chamber (Third Paradise) had revealed its inner triplicity in announcing the formation of THREE ORDERS or degrees within itself, viz.:

  1. The Fatimid Order
  2. The Order of Jerusalem
  3. The Order of the Paraclete.

Each of these Orders is as "ecumenical", radically tolerant, and "inter-faith" as the M.O.C itself; but each of them possesses -- so to speak -- a speciality. They represent the three Western Monotheisms in their essential and esoteric harmony. Aminity of faiths is achieved thorough "heresy", i.e. non-canonical interpretations of "doctrine". These are the Religions as the M.O.C views and experiences them (in the light of Noble Drew Ali's Circle Seven Koran, which makes use of the esoteric Christian and Rosicrucian apocrypha by a syncretic principle we have inherited): -- for us, the Monotheisms are living mutating entities, interpenetrant and mutually illuminative. This position has been called (somewhat jocularly) "polyreligiosity". It owes something to "paganism", which is not truly polytheistic but rather a congeries of distinct cults and sects recognizing a universalistic principle of mutual validation. It also owes something to Noble Drew Ali's syncretistic genius; and also to the position of Hazrat Inayet Khan the Chishti Sufi who practiced the Harmony of Faiths and whose teachings were incorporated into the M.O.C in the early 60's, with the permission of certin surviving disciples in Delhi at the shrine of Nizamoddin Aulia.


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