part 3 of SIJIL: The Triple Rose of the Adept Chamber, by Hakim Bey

The ORDER OF JERUSALEM is "Jewish", but specifically Judeo-Canaanite or Hebraeo-pagan, or Jewish-"Magical", in emphasis. Moreover, Jerusalem is the symbolic capital city of the Three Monotheisms, and thus of special interest to the Adept Chamber. Even as this article is published the O.J. is establishing itself in Jerusalem, where it will propagate or foster interest in the Harmony (and Peace) of Faiths; the study of archaic Canaanite and other Holy land religions and cults of the topocosm; popular Cabalism and Magic; the tradition of Sabbatai Sevi the "false" Messiah who converted to Islam in 1666; the Dome of the Rock and the Temple (symbolized by the Buraq, the half-mule/half-angel-beast that Mohammad rode to paradise, launching from the Rock to seventh heaven). The O.J is also a "chivalric" order, in that it awards all its members the title "Chevalier of the Moorish Order of Jerusalem." The purpose of the knights is to foster and protect the Mission in Jerusalem, and to work for Peace through inter-faith harmony.

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