Schol"ar (?), n. [OE. scoler, AS. sc&omac;lere, fr. L. scholaris belonging to a school, fr. schola a school. See School.]


One who attends a school; one who learns of a teacher; one under the tuition of a preceptor; a pupil; a disciple; a learner; a student.

I am no breeching scholar in the schools. Shak.


One engaged in the pursuits of learning; a learned person; one versed in many branches, of knowledge; a person of high literary or scientific attainments; a savant.

Shak. Locke.


A man of books.



In English universities, an undergraduate who belongs to the foundation of a college, and receives support in part from its revenues.

Syn. -- Pupil; learner; disciple. -- Scholar, Pupil. Scholar refers to the instruction, and pupil to the care and government, of a teacher. A scholar is one who is under instruction; a pupil is one who is under the immediate and personal care of an instructor; hence we speak of a bright scholar, and an obedient pupil.


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