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Chapter VII - Racial Insults

Many left-wing liberals, by definition lacking any understanding of true human relations, believe in equality and the fact that no racial group is inferior or superior to another. This is obviously bollocks. How can two separate ethnic groups be equal? There are only two equalities among all races and they are:

  1. The right to insult,
  2. The right to be insulted.

No one is uninsultable and no one cannot insult. (Except, of course, for Spics, who are too dumb to insult.)
Everyone should feel free to insult everyone else. Fags should insult Heteros for their awful taste in clothes. Niggers should insult Fags for their inability to play sports. Wops should insult Niggers for their inability to cook. Krauts should insult Wops for their lousy sense of time. Kikes should insult Krauts for being carefree with money. Spics should sit the fuck down and shut up.

Please understand, many ethnic groups are sensitive about their ethnicity. Show understanding. Don't be too hard on them, because they have already had their share of troubles. They have probably suffered from racial abuse all their lives, so should be treated carefully. NOT!!!! Let the fuckers have it! Goddamn Kikes, Dykes, Fags, Nigs, Wops, Japs, Krauts, WASPs, Chinks, Spics and your mother deserve to be insulted.

A few examples of racial insults:

Note: Are faggots considered a race? Who gives a shit?

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