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Entirely ripped off from Inspired by a lot of Fallout: New Vegas and the song "Big Iron" therein.

In a town you haven't heard of, down Nevada way,
there's a saloon waitress workin', she still works there today.
the waitress' name is Blossom, she's different from the rest
and for her love came suitors, put each other to the test
put each other to the test

An Arizona ranger loved his Blossom plain as day.
said that in the desert, she bloomed all bright and gay
You could tell that they were lovers, by the shine within their eyes
but a cocky young gunslinger thought she was his prize
thought she was his prize.

The gunslinger wasn't used to settlin', he'd stole Blossom away
and together they would wander, till they both got old and grey
But such a fate befalls not any man who holds a gun
and the ranger tracked and cornered him, when he tried to run
when he tried to run.

"There are folks'll say I'm the fastest trigger in the west
and every fight I'm in I carve a token in my vest."
To see the leather clearly he threw his coat apart,
and plain as day you'd see the sixteen notches by his heart.
Sixteen notches by his heart.

"Well my boy you see now, if we're keepin' score
The men I've brought to justice number one and forty-four.
Twenty-eight came easy, came to gaol safe and sound,
But the others went down fighting, so I put 'em in the ground."
put him in the ground

Now there was nothin' for it, these men would have to duel.
Blossom was just one, and one's not enough for two.
Gunslinger first touched metal, Gunslinger first to draw.
but the hasty shot went wide and it didn't touch the law.
didn't touch the law.

The ranger cleared his leather but he shot not from the hip.
He had Arizona training, brought the gun above his lip.
His revolver he held surely, using hands that numbered two.
He fired just one round, and that one round rang out true
One round rang out true.

Blossom in a panic ran and clutched her lover's vest
but she could do no help but just get blood upon her dress
seein' this the ranger knew how Blossom's love now lay
So the Arizona ranger holstered, turned and walked away
he just turned and walked away.

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