In the old American West, one who earned money as a freelance killer. Famous gunslingers included John Ringo, Doc Holliday, and John Wesley Hardin.

compiled overview of the 85 ton Gunslinger 'Mech, from various BattleTech novels and game sourcebooks:

The Clan invasion created some strange bedfellows.

The Federated Commonwealth's and Draconis Combine's mutual non-aggression pact and intelligence sharing quickly evolved into a quasi-union of the two Great Houses. In the same spirit of cooperation, engineering teams from both realms also traveled to help the Free Rasalhague Republic relocate its single 'Mech factory. These teams had already dealt with each other on previous occasions, creating an amicable working environment.

The Gunslinger BattleMech was not something the teams planned to design when talk around the table turned to the Clans and the weapons that would stop them. As an exercise, the two groups tabled their opinions and then justified them. After a few such informal sessions, the engineers gave life to the Gunslinger. The Gunslinger was designed as a mobile assault platform, capable of crippling a Clan OmniMech at the extended ranges at which they fight.

The Kurita delegation voiced their admiration of the Katana 'Mech, and it's 85-ton weight class. After that chassis was agreed upon, it was time for the weapon load to be chosen. The first and only consideration for the Clan-smashing task at hand, was dual Gauss rifles. The Gauss rifle being the only weapons that could equal ranges, and compare favorably in damage, to Clan equipment.

When secondary weapons were discussed, Kurita engineers swore by the old Defiance B3M Medium Lasers that championed efficiency of design. A F-C technician persuaded everyone to the use of medium pulse lasers to protect the rear of the 'Mech. The weapon spread was akin to a BattleMaster, a favorite among all present.

The Gunslinger's speed had been consciously set at 32kph. To improve on terrain handling, massive jump jets were planned for the legs. The jump distance would be only 60 meters, but it would still let the 'Mech bypass most dangerous terrain features.

The final blueprints were duplicated, and each group received a copy before they returned home. It was a solemn parting, as word had been received of the Clans' attack on Luthien. Each team promised to pursue the production of plans as soon as possible.

The first Federated Commonwealth Gunslinger walked off the East Wing BattleMech line at Defiance Industries-Hesperus II on December 5, 3053. The Combine had hoped to have their first Gunslinger 'Mechs out the factory doors of Independence Weaponry on Quentin by the same time, but difficulties with the twin Gauss rifle have kept the 'Mech from receiving final clearance.

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