TBL  is   an   underground
computer   art  collective
that works  in a nonprofit
way.    Our   work  is   a
blend      of     realtime 
graphics,   digital  sound
and    art.

...which is really a fancy way of saying that The Black Lotus is a demogroup. TBL, as they like to be called, are producers of quality Amiga and PC demos. Unfortunately, my A500 is in disrepair and thus I cannot rate their Amiga work, but I can say that the PC work is something to behold.

The (arguable) pinnacle of TBL's work is the 64k intro Stash, winner of the 64k intro competition of The Party 1997. This gem features a 3D gourad-shaded rendering engine with 3D fractals that morph, meld and otherwise behave like liquid mercury, as well as a particle engine and transparent greeting text effects over an incredible techno track with extensive bandpass filter effects. And of course, it's all under 65536 bytes in size. The original form requires a GUS card, but a new version is available that runs on Win32 or Linux.

As with most demogroups, TBL hail from some northern European country, specifically Holland.

TBL are: Equalizer Louie Rodney Offa Kalms Dig-it Rubberduck Tudor Danny Lowlife Facet Supernao Tim Jace Nix Crystal Score e-GO Balance Lizard King Lizard Azazel Fear Saffron Ahnberg Jesse Art Exon Noy Wox Probe E-Moon

Releases (AMIGA): Captured Dreams, Darkside, Rain, Mindprobe, Tint, Goa, Glow, Tractorbeam, Cybernetic, Showtime, TBC, Phucker, Que?, Twisted Mind, Spectral, Mind the Carrot 2, Misery, Mind the Carrot, Mind the Coop, Panacea (Darkside 2), Perfect Circle

Releases (PC): Astral Blur, Jizz, Stash, Assembly 98 Invitation, Soil (Animation), Contour


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