In the opening scene of the 1960's Psycho, Alfred Hitchcock provides a sort of backward introduction, touring the bathroom crime scene where Norman Bates would do his worst. He explains that it has since been cleaned up, but with a shudder he looks at the camera and says, "The blood... was everywhere!" Having seen the movie as a child, this single phrase remains my strongest memory of the film.

You're not supposed to have nightmares when you're under general anaesthesia, but apparently I'm an anarchist even when I'm unconscious. After the extraction of one "normal" and three impacted wisdom teeth I awoke into the confusing haze of post-unconsciousness, screaming . After I calmed down a little, I immediately asked for coffee. The nurse turned me down.

I proceeded to go into a numb-mouthed Alfred Hitchcock impression, repeating "The blood was everywhere!" over and over and laughing out loud between each repetition. Finally, they brought my wife in to calm me down.

I sense that they were somehow happy to see me finally leave. And I was happy to spend the day in a bloody haze, watching old Hitchcock movies on the couch.

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