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Title: The Book of the States, Vol. 30
Author: Deborah A. Gona
Contributor: Robert Silvanik (Editor)
Publication Date: June 1994
Publisher: Council of State Governments, The
ISBN: 0-87292-986-8
Binding Format: Trade Cloth
Edition: illustrated
Pages: 710
Price: $79.00USD Retail (Publisher)

A typical question that would lead to use of this 35 volume (2004 edition) biennial book, and its three volume directories would be something along the lines of "I need th DMV addresses and phone numbers for two states." or "I have to file a state tax return for another state; who do I write to get the forms?"  or "Where can I compare the budgets of California and New York?" or "Which state spends the most for K-12 education?"

The purpose of this set of books is to provide statistical data on the 50 states of the United States of America.  It provides directories of state agencies, committees, etc. The scope of the book is large.  It gives current state officials, state flowers, birds, finances, etc.  It is not in narrative format however.  It grows most valuable annually as the directories arrive.  These directories are 1. Elective Officials; 2. Legislative Leadership, Committees, and Staff.  3. Administrative Officials

The intended audience is both general and academic, especially at the college level.    Its dates of coverage are the current administrations. 

The book is used by the table of contents which indicates the topical arrangement, with subject index at the back.  The first two directories are arranged by state alphabetically.  The third directory is arranged by departments, such as Parks and Recreation, Motor Vehicles, and Tourism.  The book is mostly tabular information, less narrative.  The Directories are the most informative and convenient source for information on the States. 

LCSH:  1. State governments -- Yearbooks.  2. State governments -- United States -- Officials and employees -- Directories.  3. Legislators -- United States -- States -- Directories.  4. Legislative bodies -- United States -- States -- Officials and employees -- Directories.  5. Legislative bodies -- United States -- States -- Committees -- Directories.


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