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In Lawrencville, a neighborhood of Pittsburgh, rests the historic St. John the Baptist church. This church was built in 1902 and was part of the Diocese of Pittsburgh until 1993. During these years there were some trying times, including fires, floods, influential church members dying in wars, and financial problems. In 1993 the Diocese of Pittsburgh underwent major reorganization. St. John the Baptist was closed.

Why the history lesson? It was this church that became a restaurant. In 1996, the Church Brew Works renovated St. John's and opened the current restaurant and bar. Much of the original St. John's material is still a part of the restaurant. The booths and bar were made out of the original pews. The floors, confessionals, and walls remain the same. One additional major change is the alter. Instead of an alter there is a brew house.

Some people think this is sacrilegious. I say get over it, but that's a topic for another node.

This is a casual restaurant with some good food. Much of the menu is comprised of sandwiches and pizza. The atmosphere, being that it was a church, is different and interesting. Overall, it was worth it skipping work to go check this place out.

Additional info, menus, and history at http://www.churchbrew.com

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