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"The Creamer Game" is the name of an extremely entertaining little diversion. It is a game of skill meant to be played in low class eating establishments (i.e. "Denny's") with friends who are just as entertainment starved as you are.

The equipment list is as follows: Two forks, several napkins and a plethora of those little coffee creamers that are always on the table. All of these things are readily available in most seedy restaurants.

The game works like this. Each contestant has a fork. If Contestant A is throwing the creamer first, Contestant B must hold his fork up. Contestant A then gets to adjust the angle of Contestant B's fork. Contestant A throws the creamer at the fork, in an attempt to puncture the top of the creamer and spray it's contents all over Contestant B. Should the first contestant miss, possession of the creamer changes over to the other player, with each player alternating turns until the creamer is punctured.

The game tends to go rather fast, so a stockpile of creamers is necessary to really get a good tournament going. Be sure to really heave the little sucker, it doesn't take much to render a creamer useless, but you want it to really spray. Almost all of the mess created by the game is absorbed into the loser's clothing, but any extra can be mopped up with a napkin.

I first heard of The Creamer Game for the book "Penn and Teller's How To Play With Your Food", I have gotten much joy out of it since then. Go ahead, spread the love, and share "The Creamer Game" with someone else today.

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