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The Croc (call it this, rather than the whole name, if you want to sound like you're in the know) is a cafe/club in the Belltown neighborhood of Seattle which specializes generally in indie rock type stuff. It was founded in 1991 by an ex-lawyer, just before Nirvana hit it big nationwide. I've heard a rumor Peter Buck, who lives around Seattle, is one of the owners, but I can't find any confirmation of that on their site. New info, a few weeks later: Peter Buck is always connected to the Croc's name because he's the husband of the owner. He has no financial stake nor managerial influence on the Croc.

There's three sections of the Croc. When you enter, and pass the goat check, you enter the actual cafe area, where you can order food or just stand around looking awkward while you wait for the sound check to finish. Looking up, you can see the paper mache bees & bee nest lamps. Pretty cool.

Directly in front of you, down the hall, is the bar; don't worry, every booth is taken. Always. Just go grab a beer and head back into the entryway to wait for the band. Once you can go into the stage area, try to find a spot over on the right side. The stage is blocked really badly on the left side by a support column. There's more paper mache up here -- snakes and a giant devil head inhabit this room.

Except for the column in front of the stage, this is just about the perfect venue. It's not too small (though during really popular shows it gets pretty crowded in the stage area). An excellent place to see a show.

I hope there's another noder out there who can comment on the food here, as I've never had it.

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